Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Route

We finally got a route put together. We are doing a few miles of gravel, but it is scenic. We are planning a 10 am start because that will give us a chance to watch a few tractors go by on Hwy. 150 from the North Iowa Tractor Ride. The route is about 37 miles with the half way point at Waucoma. We would like everyone to be lined up by 9am and we should be back by 1:30 pm for some of those high-quality Spillville brats and Neil's Famous beans. If you don't have a tractor to bring you can just come to socialize. We hope to see you there on July 9th.

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2012 Tractorcade Agenda, July 14th

Schedule for the 2012 Tractorcade

Friday July 13th
Arrive at school before 8pm to get your toys inside the fence.

Saturday July 14th
8:00 AM School will be open.
9:30 AM Get the tractors lined up for the tractorcade
10:00 AM take off on the tractorcade
11:30 AM stop at Ft. Atkinson Community Center for water
1:30 PM arrive back at school for lunch at JD Tech area
Eat lunch, loadup and say goodbye till next year

If you don't have a tractor just come to socialize.See you there.

What we want to see on the ride

John Deere tractors, of course (other colors are welcome)
A cab is allowed but open station is preferred
Drivers and riders must have there own seat. (Not a fender)
Tractors built before 1973
Must be able to run at least 12 MPH
Must be safe to operate on public roads
The tractor need not be restored, it can be in its work clothes

The Ride Rules

2012, NICC John Deere Tech Tractorcade

I, ___________________________, hereby pledge to hold safety as the highest priority on the NICC John Deere Tech Tractorcade 2010. The safety of my fellow riders and the public traveling on the route is of the utmost importance. I pledge to obey the following rules:

· To hold a valid drivers license.

· To follow all traffic laws

· To only use cell phones in case of emergency.

· To not carry riders,

· To never pass other Tractorcade tractors

· To stay with assigned group

· To depart during assigned group's designated time

· To not have bicycle companions

· To not pull campers or trailers. Small carts or wagons are permitted.

· To post SMV sign

· Rearview mirrors are recommended

· To follow the designated route

· To abide by the decisions of the Ride Management Team,

· Good working brakes required!

· Drinking of Alcoholic beverages is not allowed on public roadways

Other Things of Interest

If you are looking for something to do Saturday morning:

Vesterheim, Norwegian Museum in Decorah
Bily Clocks, Museum in Spillville
Swimming Pool, Calmar
Shopping, Decorah has a very nice downtown

2009 Tractorcade and 20th Anniversary Celebration

We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary with a tractor ride and a camping/picnic celebration July 10-11th. Contact Jay, Neil or Duane for more information. 1.800.728.2256 Email at